Hi there!

I’m Angi, a 25 year old girl from Germany with Russian routs living in Zurich, Switzerland.

When I was 17 I was diagnosed with a rare auto immun disease that switched my live over in no time. It made me rethink everything I believed in and resulted in a change of my daily habits, my diet and my mindset, always looking for the most beautiful things in life.

Throughout this time, I started to see the world as an amazing place. A world that is so ridiculous and so beautiful at the same time. A world that I can’t really understand and that shatters and inspires me day by day. I became hungry for life and everything that it offers!

Through a plant based diet, I begun to heal myself, to feel better and better. I acquired new energy! I quickly understood that a healthy body is not only based on a healthy diet, but also on a healthy mindset. I started to read a huge amount of related books, journals and surveys. Maintaining a healthy body and mind plays a big role in my life since ever then.

Besides my Bachelor and Master studies in Business Administration and International Marketing Management I got obsessed with traveling. I love beaches. I love foreign places. I love foreign cultures. I love meeting people and hear their stories! In Sep 2016 I then decided to go traveling for 5 months straight! With my backpack, I conquered several countries in South East Asia and traveled through Australia. Ever since then I feel like I can’t stop traveling :P.

I’m just a normal girl trying to find my way. I always try to improve and work on myself. I always try to get the most out of life. And I’m humble enough to understand that I never stop learning!

Let’s inspire each other with our stories and all the little things that make life beautiful!