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My Experience with BodyTalk Part ll

Hi lovelies <3

it’s time for part two about my experience with BodyTalk. In the last post I was telling you about my fist BodyTalk session with Mikaela and a hint wat BodyTalk is all about.

I must say I really like the idea and concept behind it. The reconnection to our own body and what our body has to tell about our own physical and mental well-being.

Since the last BodyTalk session a lot has changed for me. I realised this when I was seeing Mikaela in her beautiful Double Bay Clinic again. We were going through the symptoms I have listed in the first session and she was asking me about any possible changes in the symptoms:

When I came to Australia, I couldn’t barely eat for the first two weeks and I lost about 3-4 kilos. My appetite was completely gone which scared me a lot because I am normally the person that thinks about food 24/7 and I am also ALWAYS hungry.

Since our last session, my appetite came back and I am the old Angi that spends all her money on food haha. Nutrition is very important for me and I want to make sure that my body is getting all the necessary nutrients it needs so I am really happy that I can eat again properly.

Also my sleep is a lot better (when not to say bloody awesome), my digestion is so much better and I have less pain in my stomach area (I use to have an irritable stomach).

So Mikaela and I were pretty happy about the results. So she said I should continue with the changes in my diet which include eating warming and cooked foods rather than raw and cold foods as much as possible, incorporate bitter foods, as well as a mixture of ginger and tumeric drink in the mornings and roasted dandelion tea as an alternative to coffee (yep, I am still on a coffee detoxification, massive cravings are real!!!).

Moreover I started to take a supplement (mixture of magnesium, zinc, green leave tea extract and some more minerals) in order to support my muscular and nervous system.

After the analysis, we started with the second BodyTalk session:

As a BodyTalk practitioner, Mikaela is following the guidance of the natural wisdom of ones body by making sure that the body’s natural healing response is stimulated to establish an ideal communication with the body. The body starts to heal itself: immune system and ones inner powers are awakened. A combination of western medicine and science supported research is used, including traditional Chinese medicine, energy psychology, musculoskeletal alignment and the chakra system.

The session itself was sooo relaxing again. I felt so comfortable and as Mikaela started to wake up my “body-mind” and communicate with it, I really felt how warm my body got and all the energy around it. It was such a good feeling to see how my body is working subconsciously.

Mikaela is using my arm in such a manner to establish a Yes/No communication. This is related to the neuromuscular biofeedback coming from applied kinesiology.

In this session, she recognised that my body has some difficulties in establishing “new roots” in a new country I live in. This is totally normal when you move around the globe. The body needs time to relocate and adjust to the new circumstances.

So Mikaela was helping to build up my foot chakra, which is connected in spreading out new roots.

I must say I really enjoyed the second BodyTalk session, I felt so relaxed and full of good energy after it. I could hold this good energy for the whole day and could still feel the good impact the day after.

I am really looking forward to the next session with Mikaela and will of course give you more insights here as well!

Thank you so much Mikaela for your help <3

Make sure to visit here site and her blog section to receive some awesome tips about a healthy lifestyle:




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