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no experience is ever waisted

Have you ever had the feeling that whatever you’ve done was a waist of time? You spend too many months or years doing the wrong job? You have the feeling that you took some “wrong” paths in your life? You want to erase few experiences with some di**heads?

I think we all know those situations where we feel like we could have put a certain effort for something better, something more efficient for us. Something that leads us to our goals in life.

I had the same thoughts and feelings about some situations in my life before I randomly met a very experienced Indian businessman in Zurich with whom I had such an inspiring conversation. What got stuck in my had were his words: “no experience is ever waisted”. It somehow blew my mind in this moment. No. Experience. Is. Ever. Waisted.

Every experience in our life forms us and influences our thoughts and our behaviour. Even the most unpleasant experiences are somehow a part of us. When we try to push them away, to reject them, we are somehow rejecting parts of ourselves.

Life is not just about making the right decisions in every step we make. We fail. We fall. We struggle. But we try! And trying is the only option to understand if something feels right for us, if something brings us closer to what we want to experience in life.

No experience is ever waisted. Every experience is a learning: to understand what we want or what we don’t want. No experience is ever waisted. Embrace it!

All the love, Angi xx


  1. What a thoughtful post. I have had that feeling a lot lately. Seems as I get older the missteps I take seems to impact me more and more. It often feels like “I know better than that”, yet I do it anyway and then spend the next several days or even weeks beating myself up over it. Maybe it’s that time seems more precious the older we get – less time for mistakes ☺️✌🏻 Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thought 🙏🏼
      I think we all struggle with those feelings but for me personally it really helps to think that way! Every single experience is meaningful somehow. There are no real mistakes, only learnings. And wouldn’t life be boring if everything would run smoothly?! 🤗

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