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reasons I love SYDNEY

During our 5 months travel through South East Asia, me and my two travel buddies decided to visit Australia for three weeks. Funny that those three weeks turned into a stay for three months instead! Crazy isn’t it? 😀

We skipped our flights back to Bangkok after the first three weeks have passed because we just could’t leave! We by far hadn’t had enough of this amazing place on earth. But how could it be that there is a city that made me extend my stay from three weeks to three months? Why do I love this city and everything it offers so much?

I never discovered that before. A place, that was not just nice to discover, but also unbelievable tempting to stay. Normally, I live a very fast life. In the past 6 years I moved more than 10 times. Throughout my trip though SE Asia, I spend not more than just a few days in one city. There was always the hunger for more. Fore something new. For the unknown to discover. But coming to Sydney suddenly gave me the feeling to settle down for a bit. To throw myself out from the fast life. To come to rest.

That was the best decision of my life! My travel buddy suggested to try Couchsurfing, as our travel budget was not the highest and aligned for a long-term travel in Asia, which is way way cheaper than Australia! I was so so skeptical. Couchsurfing? Really?

What I didn’t know during that time was that Couchsurfing will change my life.

I will create a separate post about Couchsurfing where I will give you some tips and tricks about it and tell you why you SHOULD try it!

Through our Couchsurfing experience, we were lucky enough to enjoy the local experience of an Aussie life! Our hosts were amazing and incorporated us through and though in their fun life. We got to know the most amazing people that were so open minded and welcomed us with their fullest heart! That leads me to my first point:

The Aussie Lifestyle

No worries mate! The Aussie lifestyle is indeed one of a kind! Living the fast live in the biggest cities of Germany, this was some kind of a cultural schock for me. Everyone seemed SOO relaxed. And I tell you what, this is fcking catching! I’ve never been so relaxed in my whole life. I haven’t seen any grumpy faces as I do so often in Germany. People actually say Hi to you!!


How couldn’t you be in a good mood in a continent that is famous for it’s sunny days? Sydney is really blessed for it’s awesome weather. I’m a sun kid. I love good weather. Everything above 25 degrees is just perfect for me! I even experienced the Aussie winter, which is a joke. It’s really comparable to a German summer :P.


As a real beach babe I thought that awesome beaches can only be found far away from big and touristy cities. NAH. Wrong! In my opinion, Sydney offers so many great beaches! The water is crystal clear and the coastal landscape is just breathtaking! Bondi beach seems to be a good idea, as it is the most famous one in Sydney. I highly recommend to check out other beaches as well though. My favourite ones are Tamarama Beach and Coogee Beach. There are also many other good beaches and even some secret ones that are a bit harder to find but totally worth the search.


OMG! When I speak about Australia’s nature I seem like a crazy cat lady that is talking about her favourite cats. Even Sydney as a big city has so much nature to offer! Many national parks, coastal walks, waterfalls and the Blue Mountains are just some to mention. I highly recommend to discover the surrounded area when visiting Sydney.

Healthy lifestyle

Last but not least, me as a veggie lover, I indeed was amazed by the healthy lifestyle and foods Sydney had to offer. It seems like everyone is super fit and super active! People are enjoying moving their bodies, running, surfing, hiking, dancing and and and… That was super motivating for me! So I tried several sports and discovered surfing for me <3. A vegan life seems to be so easy over there and its pretty easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Just half a year after my three months stay in Australia, I came back to Australia to travel the east coast (post will follow)! What can I say, I just can’t get enough of this continent…


  1. Oh my goodness, don’t get me started on Sydney!!! It is one of the most amazing cities I have visited! We were there for one / five weeks of our honeymoon in 2004, and we felt we weren’t done but needed to bo gack to our busy lives.
    I can confirm all the reasons you are listing, especially the friendly people. It was such a shock to come back to Switzerland where everybody is grumpy. Also it was November when we got home, and we soooo missed the blue sky!
    My favorite places to hang out were Circular Quai and Darling Harbor.

    • Omg you feel me 😭❤️ so happy that you were able to explore this amazing city und understand why I love it so much 🙏🏼 tanks for sharing your experience as well! MUCH LOVE ❤️

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