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rocking the biker look with NA-KD

Hi there babes!

Today I want to show you my latest fav companion: It’s the PU oversized leather jacket by NA-KD fashion. I think I totally fell in love with the oversized look! Even though my dad looked sceptically at me and asked if the jacket was not a bit too big :D. Duh!

I really love to combine the jacket with my PU leather trousers from Guess. I know It’s a lot of leather but I somehow like the biker-look haha. Combined with a white blouse I’m good to go.

Do you know that I always have a problem? I’m a tall girl. And unfortunately my arms are tall as well. That really sucks because finding a jacket with suitable sleeves is sooo so difficult. And when I find a brand where I don’t have this problem, I usually stick to it. And that happened with NA-KD. Luckily they understand the tall girl struggle and designed jackets with really long sleeves for monkeys like me. YEY haha.

Do you know what’s the best? You can get 20% off using my code “angislon20” on <3


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