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go see the world with Bella | Ha

“The only way to discover is to explore. Look around. Talk to people. Peek into the little corners of the world.

Travel changes us. When we step out of our day-to-day, we step back into this crazy huge world we’re all a part of. Where there are wild cities, confusing signs, monkeys(!!!) and so many things we never thought we would eat.

Where there is beauty, quiet, the blackest skies and the brightest stars. And things that will flip the way you see everything. Forever.

Every stamp on our passport is a lesson in what it means to be a citizen of this world —a reminder that we have a responsibility to take care of this Earth and the people we meet in it.” – Bella | Ha

With those awesome words,  Bella | Ha sent me a package recently. What I found inside was affecting me emotionally in so many ways!

This small brand created such a great concept and I felt the connection straight away! OMG  Bella | Ha must be feeling me. I really think this is the supreme discipline of a brand: finding an emotional connection to the customer (my marketer self is speaking here lol). Those are not just normal flip-flops. Produced in Italy with the best materials, those shoes feel like they’ll take you far away to unknown places! But the best in my opinion is the mission and story behind the brand. Every pair of shoes is contributing to a special area in this world to support women and babies in need. Travel inspired the brand to give back. The pair I received is contributing to women and babies in the Khánh Hòa province in southern Vietnam.

I spend one month traveling through Vietnam, so I’m absolutely amazed and touched by the fact that the brand is supporting this area. And the best: there is a little engraving of the coordinates of Khánh Hòa on a little metal plate on the shoes!

This will remind me on every step I make that I can do something to improve the world. Not just by buying those shoes, but by every decision I take and every encounter I have with other people. I think this really redirects your consciousness in such a great way and I am soooo so so happy that I got the chance to spread the message of Bella | Ha who says: “See the good you’re helping us do. Then grab your shoes and go see the world.”

All the Love,



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