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the reason I went VEGAN

Hey guys!

Today I want to write about a quite sensitive topic: The reason I started a plant-based diet.

When I was 17 I was diagnosed with a rare auto immun condition. It was a long, hard and painful process of one and a half year to finally get a right diagnose. I spend months and months visiting different doctors, specialist and I ended up in hospital after I suddenly collapsed. The doctors didn’t really know what was wrong with me. I had to go through every test you can imagine, lots and lots of blood was taken from me to test this and that. With no success, nothing could be found. But I had so much pain in my whole body. Especially my legs and my arms hurt so much so that I was sleepless almost every night. My bones felt like cracking and my muscles felt so week. Not even the strongest pain killers could help. More and more symptoms came along. My stomach begun to hurt, I had feelings of numbness in arms and legs, I was finding myself pressing against my arms and fingers trying to control the pain. But the worst of all were my giant feelings of anxiety. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I was only 17 and I felt like an old suffering lady. The doctors begun to tell me that I just make everything up in my mind. That the symptoms weren’t real. First I fought against those statements. How could I just imagine all the pain? But slowly, through this whole process I didn’t know what to believe anymore. Not until one of my doctors suddenly called my parents and said that they finally found something…

I remember this day as it was yesterday. My dad went straight to the doctor. Just as my dad came back, he told me that they found something. I broke down and just cried. But I cried because of a final relief. I was not crazy. Finally I knew what was going on. In the next moment I realised how bad my condition was: resulted from a really really bad streptococci infection I had a few years ago, I had a malfunction in my immune system. I had anti bodies against my own body and not too less. The doctors were worried that my body would suddenly reject my own organs so that a new painful and long way of finding the right treatment begun. I remember how I was studying for my finals in hospital, how my teachers told me I might repeat the last year of school because I missed too many lessons. But I kept on fighting and I kept on studying and I kept on motivating myself that I will feel better one day. The doctors begun to tell me that my condition is not healable. They advised me to take three very strong pain killers every day. They also told me that other people with my condition are incapable of working. They told me to get psychological help to accept my fate. In that moment my whole world switched over in no time. I was not accepting my fate. I could not. I was sure I could not live any much longer with this constant pain, it was driving me crazy. Why me? Why now?

I kept on seeing specialist that might help me. One of them said there would be a slight chance to feel better with a monthly treatment of penicillin. I agreed, I just wanted to feel better. After one year (!) of penicillin treatment, it turned out that it did not help at all, even worse, it destroyed so much more in my body. The antibiotics destroyed my whole gastro-intestinal tract so that even more pain and symptoms came along.

After fighting for so long and trying everything possible to feel better, I decided disappointedly to quit seeing doctors and made an appointment with an homeopath. Very skeptical, I’ve done everything the old lady told me.

Here I have to say that I started being vegetarian at the age of 11. I’ve never been a total meat lover and at this young age, I just decided to quit eating meat because I didn’t felt like it anymore all of a sudden. Since ever then, I haven’t eaten any meat and I’m not missing it at all.

Nevertheless, I kept eating lots and lots of shitty food. My diet consisted of pizzas, pasta and tons of sweets. I was lucky enough to never gain weight and I ate whatever the f*** I wanted and mostly the food was not healthy at all.

So this homeopath told me to radically change my diet. I got a diet plan and had to strictly stick to it for three months. I was not allowed to eat any meat, any dairy, any sugar and any processed foods. The change in my diet was so hard for me but I wanted to feel better so I gave it a try. What I didn’t know during that time was that I was following a clean vegan diet. The change I felt after those three months have past by was just A M A Z I N G!!!!

Of course, I also got other treatments, such as acupuncture and plant-based medicine. But damn, the first time in my life I noticed what the hell was possible with a healthy diet. In this short amount of time, I felt like I can control my pain.

Since ever then I was sticking to a plant-based diet. Of course it was not always easy and I had a few setbacks but I always returned.

Today, I still know that my condition is not healable. I still suffer from the symptoms now and then. I have good days. I have bad days. But I’m constantly fighting and motivating myself day by day. And through a plant-based diet, I finally found a way to control my pain and keep it to a minimum. And I am so f***ing happy about that!

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