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the spirit of BALI

Bali is indeed a magical place! Last year my bestie and I decided to travel Bali for a month and discover the beauty this island has to offer. Spontaneous as we were we booked the trip two weeks in advance.

A lot of people tell me how crazy it is to plan a trip short-term. I don’t think so at all, you still get super cheap plane tickets shortly before your desired trip and as I already explained in the article “tips and learnings from Thailand“, I’m a strong supporter of a flexible trip where you decide right at the destination for how long you want to stay at a spot. So we booked only two nights in advance at a home stay in Kuta, where our trip begun.

I highly recommend to spend not more than one or two days in Kuta. It’s one of the least attractive spots in Bali in my opinion. Very touristy, very loud and a lot of party and cheap alcohol. Could be fun for the beginning, but the island has so much more to offer!

What I LOVED about Bali was the fact that it’s a very spiritual island. Of course, there are the party destinations where a lot of Australians and people from all over the world enjoy some relaxing time and party life in the exclusive beach clubs especially in Seminyak. Also my bestie and I enjoyed those cool vibes in this area after Kuta for a few days!

But the magic for me begun when we made our way down to Uluwatu, where the most amazing beaches and landscapes waited for us! Someone recommended to go to the Single Fin bar in Uluwatu and we were by far not disappointed to go there! Every Sunday and every Wednesday there is an amazing party going on that blew our minds! Under the stars and next to a cliff where you hear the waves of the ocean we danced our heart out to the tunes of an amazing DJ. We decided to spend more time in this area and discovered the hidden beaches down the cliff which is also an amazing surfer spot.

Having a blast in this area we decided to make our way up to Ubud. Here we found food heaven on earth! Lots and lots of vegan and organic restaurants and cafes made us eating our way through the streets of Ubud. We got to know so inspiring spiritual teachers, shamans and yogis. I really belief that when you are open for the world, when you are grateful and feel love for all the people around you, you attract just the right persons into your life.  We were so blessed that we got to now those amazing human beings that showed us their way of living and shared their experiences with us. Starting from having a raw-vegan cooking session, to participating in a private yoga teaching course, to visiting the spiritual places far away from every tourist attraction, to attending meditation sessions, to being consulted by a shaman and and and…

This will indeed remain an experience of a lifetime for me in so many ways. I will never be able to put everything on paper what I discovered about the world and about myself on this island.

But a real highlight for me was the attendance of two so called “ecstatic dance” events. This was such a cool experience and I highly recommend to do it in Bali! This event is totally alcohol-free, you can just order fresh coconuts and water. The event starts with a joint meditation and chanting. Afterwards there is a DJ that plays awesome electric tunes. Everyone starts dancing. No one is watching. Everyone is jumping, screaming, crying, dancing. Everyone just lets everything out. No one is judging. It felt so awkward for me in the beginning because I was used to the clubs were everyone is just getting drunk and everyone wants to look good while dancing. This was just being real. Being free.

I could write hours and hours about my experiences of this magical island. If you need any further tipps or suggestions please leave a comment!

Another post about my experiences in Bali will follow soon. This will be a very honest post dealing with the downsides of traveling.

Stay tuned!

Love, Angi.



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