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never getting enough of BARCELONA

My favourite city in Europe? So far it’s definitely Barcelona!

I’m honestly not a friend of visiting the same places again and again. I want to discover new spots. Go somewhere where I’ve never been before. But there are some exceptions: Cities I would visit over and over again. On of those cities is definitely Barcelona. I’ve been there three times and would love to go there again and again. But every time was so unique and I fell in love with this charming Spanish city in so many ways.

The first time I’ve been there was a spontaneous decision made by one of my friends and me. We wanted to go just somewhere! It was right after school has finished for the big holidays and we decided to try “blind booking” offered by GermanWings during that time. No idea where we gonna end, we booked a trip and were more than amazed by the fact that it ended up being Barcelona! A few days later we took our luggage and made our way to the airport.

Barcelona has so much to offer! It’s an amazing big city with lots and lots of good vibes all around the corners. The beach is not the best one in my opinion and its very touristy, so I wouldn’t recommend to go there for a beach holiday. But it’s a fun thing that you can have a great time shopping and strolling around the fashionable city with its amazing architecture and food places and decide to chill along the beach a few minutes after. The city is really artistic and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to discover Park Guel.

A few years later I was visiting a friend in Barcelona. Apart from all touristic spots that I already discovered during my first visit, this short trip was more a culinary one! And I really enjoyed it! 😀 I love love love Spanish dishes! As my friend is a very successful cocktail designer, we made our way through the scene bars in Barcelona. I think I’ve been to every cult bar during those few days and drunk every crazy cocktail they had to offer lol.

The third time was just a few months ago. I celebrated my 25th Birthday with two of my friends I traveled Australia with just a few months beforehand. It was some kind of reunion and we had a blast discovering the city together. Of course, Barcelonas nightlife should not be missed out! Unlike cubs in Berlin or Zurich, most clubs don’t charge any entrance fee. It’s also really worth it to discover salsa bars, the Spanish are amazing dancers!

Barcelona is thus a highly recommended place if you’re ever visiting Europe. Leave me a comment if you need some tipps and exact places to go to! 🙂

Love, Angi.


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