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why I think beauty is boring

Beauty is boring. Did I really just say that? Beauty is soooo boring. Show me someone with compassion, kindness and good energy and I’ll show you someone who represents my kind of beauty. The beautiful beauty, the beauty you need nowadays to make a dent.

Today, a beautiful face is not enough. It’s the aura of us that carries our handsomeness. It’s the way we talk and move, the way we articulate and the way we shine from the inside out with the right thoughts and beliefs in our mind. Isn’t it tragical that when we speak about beauty, we use to speak about the look of someone? Have you ever met those people that not really fit into the general classification of a pretty face or perfect model sizes, but still there is something so beautiful about them? Something intangible that you fail to describe?

I’m a true believer that beauty is way more than just the look of our bodies. But still, especially for us women and young girls it’s all about our appearance. It’s all about the latest fashion. It’s all about how to cover our true faces behind a wall of make-up. It’s all about losing weight. We are so obsessed to find ways to pimp or body that we forget to pimp our mind and our soul.  And I think here lies the potential to beautify our whole appearance.

I think this is a really sensitive and important topic. Let me know what you think about it!

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  1. I love this post. Beauty is way more than just the look of someone or their appeal of sexuality. You are an inspiration for young women – and men, that need to hear from more people like yourself. Look for the beauty inside as well. A pretty face will fade, but a beautiful heart last forever ♥️

    • Thank you so much for appreciating! It’s indeed something that fades in the world of Instagram full of static pictures. I think all of us need a reminder now and then 🙏🏼❤️

  2. Sally says

    I totally agree. It’s not that society has changed for the better when it comes to beauty standards these days. It’s still all about looks looks looks. The crazy thing is that we all tend to obey to them.. even if subconsciously. But I admire that you raise the issue. Maybe if we become more aware of how we ourselves should focus more on our inner than outer beauty, we ourselves start to actually believe in it and contribute to a mindset change. #angiinspires

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