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un-jealous yourself

My mom always told me to not be jealous. Yeah thanks mum, great when you see all the kids with so much stuff you want to have. I never really understood why she was saying that. Not until now, when I grew up a wise young woman (lol).

Being jealous is indeed a very harmful thing: you feel bad about yourself and actually it doesn’t change anything about your situation. As a superstitious Siberian, my mom even told be to protect myself from jealousy by not showing off everything I had or accomplished. Hard for me not cruising around with my newest bike to attempt I was the coolest kid on the blog (I was definitely not). But somehow, this permanently got stuck in my had and I was observing that on myself as I was growing older:

Especially when I started traveling, I got more and more wry looks from people asking me why I could afford this or hearing the sentence: “Your traveling again? Well I have to sit in the office the whole day, good for you.”. I somehow felt myself in really uncomfortable situations, I literally could feel the bad vibes coming from certain persons. That’s how I noticed that jealousy conveys very bad energy and I understood why my mom wants me to protect myself from that.

So my point from this whole story is that jealousy is a quite bad feeling, for yourself and also for other people. Do you want to be this sad person that is constantly feeling bad about yourself just because you constantly compare yourself to others? Do you really want to be this person that spreads bad energy and vibes around yourself? Or do you want to be that person that is totally delighted for the people around you? A person that takes the achievements or actions of others as a motivation? A person that is changing something about the situation they might feel bad in?

Try to be more conscious with your feelings and don’t forget to spread the good kind of energy ❤

Love, Angi.

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