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it’s time to take responsibility

Current circumstances in the world are bucking the image of humanity. There are so many questions, questions for which you and me have no answers. Questions about how this world can be damaged in so many ways… we feel powerless.

But at the same time, maybe it’s just a tiny little spark, there is so much light and hope for a better world. Sure, we won’t be able to undo all the tragic that happened and fix the world over night. Maybe things will get worse and we won’t see peace for a long time.

But I tell you what: Every one of us has the power to change the world around us by starting with the person in the mirror. We are not responsible for other person’s actions. But, hell yeah, we are responsible for every decision we take and every step we make. If each of us starts trying to be a better person, spread a little more love and show a little more compassion for other human beings, this tiny little spark of light and hope will spread and enlighten the world around us.

It’s no hanky-panky or naïve wishful thinking. Actually it’s proven by scientists that your inner energy will influence the energy around you.

It’s time to spread love and make the world a better place with the inner power that is inside all of us.

Love, Angi.

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